What kind of flour to use for gruyere puff (kind of like a dutch baby pancake) if I'm out of all purpose flour?

I'm making Melissa Clark's gruyere puff recipe (https://cooking.nytimes...), which looks kind of like a savory dutch baby pancake. I'm out of white all purpose flour, but I have white whole wheat, 00 flour, and bread flour. Which would be best?



702551 January 8, 2021
Being lazy I would probably use a 50% white whole wheat and 50% 00 flour blend for this type of dish until I make it to the store.
Nancy January 7, 2021
I would go for a flour as close as possible to all-purpose in protein content, which affects/controls how much gluten develops. Bread flour has more (12-15%) and 00 about 7-9% compared to AP 10-12%.
Can't quickly find its protein content, but my guess is white whole wheat would be best (closest to AP) and 00 second best, for a softer crumb.
See attached article for useful info
Nancy January 8, 2021
Found one source on white whole wheat flour at 12.75% protein, right on the border between AP and bread flour.
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