Can you fill this crust with a baked filling?

If it is possible to use this meringue base with a filling that needs baking should I take the meringue out slightly earlier, add the filling and continue baking for the remaining time necessary? Or should I simply allow it to finish baking for the necessary time, add the filling and bake until the filling is done, will this result in a burnt meringue?

Meringue Pie Crust
Recipe question for: Meringue Pie Crust


Lori T. January 11, 2021
A meringue crust is not sturdy enough to handle a filling which would need to be baked. It will absorb the liquid of the filling and turn into a slimy mush. This sort of crust is primarily meant to be filled with cold set pudding or whipped cream and fresh fruit. Your filling needs to be cooked before it goes in the crust, and should not contain a lot of free moisture. Once the filling meets the meringue, it should probably be eaten within the day.
Emma.yusuf January 12, 2021
Thank you
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