when does short crust pastry burn?

i did a recipe that specifically tells me to use a pate brise'e because the filling has to bake for 40 mins. at 375 and too much sugar would burn. i have a tart recipe that calls for a short-crust dough but the filling is to b baked for 45 mins. at 350. maybe since it's only baked at 350, the crust will b fine? i guess if it burns, i can call it an experiment. or i can play it safe and use a pate brise'e but i think a short-crust would b nicer.

  • Posted by: alan
  • November 13, 2020


Lori T. November 13, 2020
For most purposes, pate brisee and the American version shortcrust, aka pie dough, are pretty much the same thing. There are minor variations in the ratio of fat, water, and flour- but it's still supposed to end in a flaky pastry. The remark about too much sugar burning probably is meant to explain why the choice is not for pate sucre or sable - sweeter version of pate brisee made by adding in sugar or confectioner's sugar and sometimes eggs or milk. For your purposes, either pate brisee or short crust will work fine. If the edges seem to brown before you believe it is ready to come out, you can always protect and shield them with a strip of foil. Neither is likely to burn in the amounts of time you quote- although as you close in on 50 minutes or more, overbrowning can be a concern. And that's where foil saves the day.
alan November 13, 2020
for my sweet pastry, i use the america's test kitchen recipe: 1.25 cups flour, 2/3 cup confectioners', butter, cream, egg yolk, vanilla. i guess i'm mistaken in calling that short crust -- it's essentially a cookie.

i use a pie shield when i bake. the fit allows some air to get under it but i have trouble using aluminum foil -- the tart is hot at that point and hard to work w. there's also the issue of pastry sticking to the foil. maybe i can look at some videos. but then again, i think i'm fine using pate brise'e. thanks for ur help.
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