What to do with a chuck roast?

I get subscription meat boxes and often have a 2lb chuck roast thrown in for my husband and me. Looking for more recipes using this cut! I usually make ropa vieja or some type of beef stew/boeuf bourguignon.

  • Posted by: eluu
  • January 11, 2021


KTcooks January 12, 2021
Check out smitten kitchen oven-braised beef with garlic and tomatoes....so delicious and addicting. https://smittenkitchen.com/2015/02/oven-braised-beef-with-tomatoes-and-garlic/
SMSF January 12, 2021
Agree, chili is it! Chuck is perfect for this. I use cubes about 1/2 - 3/4".
Lori T. January 12, 2021
If you cut the meat into smaller cubes, you can use it to make a filling for a savory pie or pasties. In stew form, maybe a beef goulash? Or cooked in a variety of different sauces- everything from Korean BBQ, regular BBQ or an Italian tomato based sauce. It also makes for nice open face roast beef sandwiches, hot with gravy, mashed potatos and veggies, or thin cold slices piled on rolls with your choice of toppings and served with a bowl of hot soup of your choice. You can grind it or chop it finely to use like ground chuck from the butcher case, too - if you have a food processor. Then you can use it as you would any other ground beef.
702551 January 11, 2021
Hands down, my first choice would be chili con carne by a mile.

Two pounds is rather small, I would freeze them until I had 4-6 lbs. and make a bigger batch. Chili -- like stews in general -- lends to freezing extremely well.
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