I have never heard of "double concentrate tomato paste". I have never seen this at any grocery store when shopping. Can you name some brands that m...

...ake this? Is there a website where I can find this? I know none of my local stores carry this. Does it really make a difference to use regular tomato paste

  • Posted by: estelle
  • April 13, 2011


thirschfeld April 13, 2011
Why I like it is because of the tube. I don't waste tomato paste anymore and it is much more convenient. Fresh Market carries it and lots of groceries do but it is in their ethnic section generally.
sdebrango April 13, 2011
Yes I use amore and also whole foods carries a brand 365. Its very convenient and you use less than the canned.
phyllis April 13, 2011
Double concentrate tomato paste comes in a tube; I think the brand I use is Amore. It's usually shelved with/or near the tomato paste. You can use regular tomato paste, but use about 50% more.
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