recipe for kummel weck rolls, directions miss leading

your recipe in the directions second paragraph mix in egg white and enough dough to make a soft, shaggy dough. Should it be flour to make a soft shaggy dough? what does shaggy mean? I am new to baking breads.

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Recipe question for: Kummelweck


Lori T. January 14, 2021
Yes, it should say flour instead of dough. The term "shaggy dough" confuses a lot of folks - but perhaps this article from Food 52 will help.

Essentially, shaggy dough is a rather loose dough that looks like a combination "shaggy" dog, rug, or a pile of rags. If, after you have mixed in the flour and egg, you can yank off a small ball of dough that has no real structure beyond feeling like mush- it's probably shaggy. It will look a real mess in the bowl. However, there is enough of a flour/liquid balance for you to start kneading and developing gluten. If your dough is a bunch of separate clumps, then you likely have too much flour and need liquid. If it feels or looks like batter, then you have too much liquid and need more flour. So I advise starting with mixing in the egg white first, and then adding in the flour. Use your hand, and add flour by large spoonfuls until it starts clumping on your fingers. You will be able to rub or scrap it off in bits, and the whole thing will look like like the picture HalfPint gave you.
new B. January 15, 2021
Thank you. I want to make roast beef on Kummel Wick for the Super Bowl if the Buffalo Bills make it.
HalfPint January 14, 2021
You can search "shaggy dough" images. Something like this:

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