Usage of beignet dough

Any ideas for a usage of beiget dough which is NOT FLYING in oil but BAKING method? My husband made tons of beignets yesterday and yet we could not use up all the dough. He didn't make it with yeast, but with baking powder and beer and egg white, the dough is rather liquid. Help!

Tokyo bakephile


Kristen M. December 28, 2012
Great! That sounds really good right now.
Tokyo B. December 28, 2012
Thank you for a suggestion. Actually I tried. I added 2 egg yorks, 1/3 cup of sugar(because it didn't contain both) and 1 tsp of orange flower water, mixed, and baked around 1 hour in a buttered tube-cake pan. The result is better than expected. It is something quite eccentric, very crispy outside, chewy and clafoutis-like inside, scarcely spongy, but comfortable to bite. Not bad at all. I will eat it tomorrow morning as a breakfast.
Kristen M. December 28, 2012
Could you try baking some of it in a (buttered) cake or muffin pan?
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