Overnight Rise after the stretch and folds in the fridge possible?

Would it be possible after doing the stretch and folds to chill this overnight until the next day and then do the filling and baking part?



Maurizio L. January 26, 2021
Yes, that's possible. Just be sure the dough is fully proofed when you go to bake. Placing the dough in the fridge during bulk fermentation, if done too early, can result in a sluggish dough the next day.
jcqus January 23, 2021
Can the mixing/kneading be done manually rather than with the electric mixer and if so what would you recommend for timing/visual cues that it’s reached the right texture? I have over-kneaded using the mixer and am a bit cautious before attempting that way again!
Maurizio L. January 24, 2021
Absolutely. I'd still hold back the butter until the very end. Mix/strengthen the dough until is very elastic and smooth, it should almost pass the windowpane test. Then start to work in the butter by spreading it over the dough as you mix it in the bowl. Continue to mix at that point until the dough comes back together and is shiny and smooth (it may take several more minutes).
jcqus January 26, 2021
Thank you so much, so excited to try these!
Britt January 22, 2021
When you use cheddar instead do you still need the ricotta or can you remove the ricotta entirely?
Maurizio L. January 23, 2021
In that case, I'd omit the ricotta.
Britt January 23, 2021
Great thanks!!
Ginkle87 January 16, 2021
After filling and shaping the rolls, can I do a cold proof in the fridge overnight and bake in the morning?
Maurizio L. January 14, 2021
Yes, you can do that. In that case, I'd do a 3 hour bulk on the counter, then place the container in the fridge, covered. The next day, take it out, roll it when the dough is chilled, and proceed with the steps. The dough might need a little more time in proof; adjust as necessary!
SarcasticCooking January 14, 2021
Yaaassss! Thank you so much! I think I might add some pepperoni to the rolls too! I will report back! So excited! This dough is lovely.
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