Fruit marinade or glaze for Salmon?

My friend is requesting this. She has a mango apricot sauce once. I know of an Orange glaze but it requires me to buy white wine and sherry and I don't really want to. Any Ideas. She likes most fruit but not blueberries.



Shalini May 29, 2012
One of my favourites is Nigella Lawson's salmon kebabs with pomegranate molasses and honey from her Forever Summer cookbook. You cube the salmon and marinate it in a paste of pomegranate molasses and honey, on wooden skewers and then grill.
bigpan May 29, 2012
Was at a fancy restaurant last night and my wife ordered oysters - they came with a side sauce: oil, vinegar, in a smoothie of banana and blueberry!
It was delish.
Saved some of the sauce and had it with the next dish ... cod. It was delish.
I have also done salmon in blueberry/rose' sauce and it worked very well.
Just don't over serve the sauce- you still want to taste the fish.
Michael H. May 28, 2012
You could go super simple here and literally just baste some salmon with a mixture of marmalade and mustard, salt and pepper. Then just bake it. Some fresh herbs would be nice in there too.
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