What are some seasonal vegetables to include in a frittata for a brunch?

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healthierkitchen April 13, 2011
We don't have local asparagus up yet in DC area, and haven't seen peas, but have seen lots of different mushrooms and pea shoots which are a nice addition after a rough chop. Morels are pricey per pound, but you don't need much - I just bought a little bag (at WF no less) for $3.00. Chives and spring onions are locally available as well.
prettyPeas April 13, 2011
Pea greens or even peas. Peas and ramps or spring onions is a great combo.
Slow C. April 13, 2011
Oh and don't forget artichokes! Artichoke hearts are good in just about anything.
thirschfeld April 13, 2011
Asparagus, sorrel, spinach and all of the above mentions are all very in season and of course that depends on your location.
ChefJune April 13, 2011
Asparagus is FINALLY in season! ( Sadly, Americans think it's to be eaten all year round, so it has almost totally lost its "specialness" in Spring. and although morels are TERRIBLY expensive, if you use as[aragus AND morels, they won't cost as much.

Spring onions or ramps are also wonderful frittata fillers this time of year, and fiddleheads, when they come into season in a few weeks.
francesca G. April 13, 2011
ramps! spring onions! tomme de savoie (typically a spring cheese which has to do with the time of year the cows drink)...or asparagus with some delicious blue cheese perhaps?
sarah K. April 13, 2011
Yeah, asparagus is lovely. And chives and morel mushrooms? (If you can afford them! They're currently $60 a pound at my local market, but so delicious!)
CaryNC April 13, 2011
Asparagus is always good.
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