vegetable side dish for brunch

I have to take a variety of food to a brunch for about 20 women. The entrée will be quiche or some type of egg-based casseroles, prepared by the hostess. I am taking a platter of fresh fruit and a coffeecake, but need ideas for a veggie side dish to balance out all the sweet stuff. I've been thinking of a cold marinated asparagus but would appreciate other suggestions. It needs to be easy to transport. Suggestions?

  • Posted by: ATL
  • April 29, 2016


SMSF May 2, 2016
Try this snap pea and radish salad with lemony vinaigrette from Martha Stewart - so delicious and perfect for spring. I love the way the peas look when you slice open some of the pods as in the photo. For your event, you could prep everything ahead of time but dress this on site at the last minute.
MMH May 2, 2016
Roast your favorite veggies in the over with olive oil fresh thyme & garlic. (Roasted onions & mushrooms would be really good) You can serve them warm or at room temperature.
sexyLAMBCHOPx April 29, 2016
Marinated roasted asparagus sounds great. Check out the absurdly addicting asparagus recipe on the site. It's been so well received every time I make it - it's make-ahead and tasty at room temperature. Or asparagus with a lemon, parmesan vinegarette.
pierino April 29, 2016
Steam some fresh garden peas toss them olive and chopped fresh mint. Maybe a splash of Spanish sherry vinegar.
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