how do I get my copper roaster refinished?

I have a bout a 20-year-old copper roasting pan with handles on the ends I’d say it’s about 12 x 15 maybe. At any rate it’s copper on the outside it’s beautiful pan the inside is finished in either a stainless steel or some kind of tan. Anyhow it is wearing off I can see the copper coming through in some of the corners. I live in Louisville Kentucky I would be glad to ship it to someone I don’t know that there’s anyone in this area that can handle that. I need to know what kind of person to look for our reference to an actual person. Please help!

  • Posted by: Judy
  • January 20, 2021


702551 January 20, 2021
This was asked nine years ago and one commenter had a personal recommendation.

Disclaimer: I have not used that company as I only have one copper pan (lined with stainless steel).
702551 January 20, 2021
Oops, I meant to include the URL. Here you go:

Best of luck.
Gammy January 20, 2021
Most likely if the inside is wearing off, your roaster is lined with tin. Stainless steel is a harder material and would be fairly shiny, even if scratched. Tin finish will look a bit splotchy and more of a matte finish. You can research online, there are artisans who do reline copper pots, may or may not be near you.
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