What brand of curry powder and where I can I buy it?

Could you add a suggested brand of curry powder? They vary so greatly. Thanks.



HalfPint January 25, 2021
If you can find it, Baba's is a Malaysian brand, since this a Malaysian dish. You can probably try S&B curry powder too (though, it's Japanese).
Nancy January 23, 2021
Depends on where you live and the combination of bricks-and-mortar and online merchants available to you.
If there is a good store which has fresh spices and lots of turnover, ask them for a recommendation and sample a few to find out which you like best.
Or, go to an online merchant (a big general merchant or a specialty spice merchant) and do the same with them.
In either case, buy a small jar or package, so you have a chance of using the blend while fresh and pungent (about a year).
On the other hand, if you want the freshest curry powder, and one you can vary as your tastes or recipes change, buy mostly whole spices and grind/blend them as needed. Many recipes out there - from different authors and countries (e.g, subcontinent, Malaysia, Japan).
The only spice you need to buy ground is turmeric, which is very hard (physically) to grind at home.
For grinding, you can use a blender, an electric coffee mill or a mortar and pestle.
Last tip, you could buy or make a curry paste and use that instead of powder. Again, many merchants carry these. I haven't tried all, but in practice I've liked Patak's.
Nancy January 23, 2021
On a more practical level, some brands indicate level of heat so you might choose according to that. Usually, if not indicated on label the level of heat is moderate. Otherwise, look for "mild" or "hot."
I have found many commercial brands good (Club House, McCormick, Simply Organic).
Also, variations by country or type are interesting (for example, Vadouvan, a French version; Jamaican; Madras).
Maybe start by choosing one that reflects the curry dishes you've eaten and liked, then compare and go on from there.
Nancy January 25, 2021
SZ Family - last PS. I realize this isn't a direct answer to your question...I can't identify a single best curry powder because - as you've found - there are so many. That's why I gave the group guidelines (by heat, by region of origin, by using ground or whole spices). Maybe another food52 member will come up with a "best curry powder" recommendation for you.
szfamily January 25, 2021
Thank you for the response. I have several general and Indian curry spice mixes (I'm 1/2 Indian) but I don't know if the combinations I have will be the same. I will look around and see or just try the one(s) I have.
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