Making a dessert or simple dish that look like a picture of 2 people under tree?

Can I make some food that it look like a picture of 2 people under tree?
I am not good at cooking and I have little time for cooking.
So i want to cook something that can be completed quickly

  • Posted by: woo
  • January 28, 2021


woo January 30, 2021
Thanks so much for your help
Maybe i will do it next time

Actually i want to make this because every anniversary, my boyfriend and i will go to the park that we became boyfriend&girlfriend. We will take photo with a tree.

I now change my plan to only make a tree(matcha pancakes) and take photo with it
Hope me succeed haha
Nancy January 31, 2021
Woo - consider cookie cutters for your matcha pancakes (if you likfe and have time to order them). Most tree cookie cutters are evergreens for Christmas, but there are a few others (deciduous, palm trees). Again, good luck with your project, Nancy
HalfPint January 28, 2021
look for a picture that you can print out and make a stencil. I found this searching images ("couple silhouette"):

Cut out the dark solid shapes/lines (with an X-acto knife), lay over a chocolate cake (unfrosted or unglazed) and dust with powdered sugar.
Nancy January 28, 2021
Find a picture of two people under a tree that is clear in meaning in silhouette form and fits a serving bowl or platter.
Print and paste on a piece of thin, stiff and cuttable material (cardboard thin plastic, etc.).
Decide what thin cuttable food you plan to serve in this shape (for example, bread, pancake, royal icing, chilled colored gelatin, chocolate cake).
Prepare and cut the silhouette food and place it in top of a contrasting base.
For ex, bread on a wide bowl of soup, icing on a cake, colored gelatin on top of a fish mousse platter, pancake on top of a sauce or custard base.
Wishing you success in your project.
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