Proofing dough: Why is mine not rising?

I've tried 2 different recipes (burger buns and cinnamon buns) now in the past week and neither of them has proofeded well (either not rising at all or only a bit). I'm using yeast from a jar (Fleischman's traditional active dry yeast) and either electric beaters with a dough hook type attachment or hands.

I recently moved and I used to have a stand mixer and use yeast from packages and didn't generally have problems with rise. Is there something that I have to do differently with yeast from the jar and/or with beaters instead of a mixer?

I tested my yeast with water and sugar and it bubbled up, so I don't think it has died (but I guess I could go buy some more and try again?) Maybe I'm not kneading it enough?
Thank you for your help!

Emily M
  • Posted by: Emily M
  • February 5, 2021


Emily M. February 5, 2021
Ok! so after some research I *think* that I may have to be careful about what kind of yeast the recipe calls for (ie- the burger bun recipe called for instant yeast and used dry yeast). Wow, big learning curve here for me! Anyways...

Is it possible to use dry yeast in place of instant if you soak it first? Or is it best to have instant yeast stocked in the pantry?
Valhalla February 5, 2021
You can find some conversions for active-instant online, but I have become an instant yeast convert after having struggled over the years with active. Like so many others, I have baked more during the pandemic than ever before, and that has been a difference maker for me. Another thing could be temperature. I run my dryer, which is in my kitchen, and then put my bowl inside the empty dryer because my home is very cold. Or, I put it on top of a running dishwasher--a little warmth can make a difference at this time of year.
I'm far from an expert baker, but those things have helped me.
Emily M. February 6, 2021
Thanks so much for your help! I think I'm going to pick some up :)
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