Cryovac Prime Rib Use By Dates

I cooked a cryo prime rib 4 weeks past the use by date and it tasted kinda funky to me. But no one else noticed. I have another one in my fridge (big sale) same use by date, and I'm wondering if it is ruined or if there is a technique to get the funk out.
It's been stored in a very cold brand new fridge. The funky one was maybe not kept as cold. It was in someone else's fridge.
Any advice?

Jennifer Anderson Carrig
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1 Comment

Lori T. February 7, 2021
Yeah, cryovacuum packed meat allows for meat to be kept for a bit longer than normal case packaging- but I think four weeks would be the outer limits of that time. Although the packaging removes oxygen, that does nothing to stop the action of non-air breathing micro-organisms. The chief worrisome culprit would be salmonella, which does survive nicely in a no-oxygen or low oxygen spot. I'm not sure you really want to risk eating the other package of meat. Storage temperature is important, but so is the sell by date. Meat in a cryovac package really should be used or frozen by that date.
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