How long do we bake in the oven?

I love your video, me and my gf loved it and took a lot of notes. We did struggle though with how long to bake them. We tried to make soesjes (Dutch version) before and had issues (some were great and some were not) and thanks to your tips and tricks I think I can make them properly now, I'd just like a general guideline for how long they have to be in the oven!

Per Diesveld
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Pâte à Choux
Recipe question for: Pâte à Choux

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Erin J. February 12, 2021
The time of baking is going to depend on the shape/size of the pastry! Each of the recipes in the episode have recommended bake times - you can find each of the recipes linked in the video description, and of course they are all here on Food52 under my username, too! Happy baking!
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