amount of liquid (water/milk) - should I measure the water in milk in cups or grams?

in the recipe, it shows 1/2 cup for both water and milk. The part that is confusing is they both list these at 115 grams. But water and milk don't have the same weight. While 1/2 cup of water would be 115 grams, a half cup of milk is about 145 grams. So I am not sure for the liquid if I should follow the total volume (1 cup of liquid water + milk) or should follow the grams?

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Pâte à Choux
Recipe question for: Pâte à Choux

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AntoniaJames May 13, 2022
I'd use 118 grams of water and 120 grams of milk - those are the standard conversion rates for 1/2 cup of those items, and the ones I've used for years. If the dough seems much too stiff, add a tablespoon or two at most of additional water. ;o)
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