Green Sauce detail is missing?

What are the drizzles on top? I am not seeing it in the recipe. Is it basil and olive oil?



Carolina G. February 28, 2021
I had some homemade pesto on top of the soup! You could also use herb oil instead :)
Nancy February 28, 2021
So Carolina I defer to you, as recipe author, who chose pesto.
Nancy February 27, 2021
The herbal garnish I'm the photo certainly looks like basil, so you could use that.
But since the author omitted referring to the green garnish in the entire recipe (headnote, ingredients, directions), I'd say you have free choice here:
1) omit the green drizzle entirely if you don't like it or lack the ingredients;
2) use any single green herb you like or have that goes with tomatoes. Ditto for the liquid to make the herb into a drizzle.
Nancy February 27, 2021
"In the photo"
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