Best desserts that don't need an oven?

Looking for some dessert inspiration, but don't have access to an oven (preferably not ice cream hahaha)
Thank you!

Elizabeth T


janet V. March 15, 2021
-Strawberries drizzled with good aged balsamic topped with a dollop of sweetened creme fraiche.
-Wine poached pears with whipped cream and a sprinkle of Chinese 5 spice.
-Flummeries: a panna-cotta-like dessert laced with sherry or brandy. Very decadent!
Charleen March 14, 2021
Fresh Strawberries with a bowl of sour cream and a bowl of pourable brown sugar. Dip strawberry into sour cream, then in brown sugar. Pop into mouth-----Yum!
Alyse T. March 14, 2021
I always keep Ricotta on hand, any unexpected company or need for a last minute dessert that makes a fabulous presentation: cannoli cream filling with any berry fruit (fresh or frozen) served in a wine glass is even better...takes less than 5 minutes to make and portion! Enjoy
Happygoin March 12, 2021
If your guests are coffee lovers, you might try affogato. Buy a premium brand of ice cream, coffee, vanilla or I have friends who make it with chocolate ice cream.

Make a pot of espresso, and pour the hot coffee over a scoop of ice cream. Delish!
MMH March 12, 2021
Really good vanilla ice cream served in a pool of mango puree (found at the Asian Market - usually in the section for foods from India).
HalfPint March 11, 2021
How about a Chocolate Biscuit Cake? This one does not have egg:

I've made this cake before and it's tasty and easy.
phoebekwan March 11, 2021
Panna Cotta -- simple, and delicious!
AntoniaJames March 11, 2021
Tiramisu - buy crunchy/dryish Savoiardi ladyfingers (not spongy ones). Such a delicious, decadent dessert. It freezes really well, too! (We cut it into serving size pieces before freezing.) ;o)
Nancy March 10, 2021
A few quick thoughts
• cheese and wine (stilton and port, parmesan and vin santo)
• chocolate mousse (dairy or vegan version)
• biscotti dipped in after-dinner coffee
• fruit compote, with or without booze
• baked apples served with whipped cream or ice cream
• Irish coffee (or variations using other liquor)
Nancy March 10, 2021
Without oven-
Buy biscotti fresh from bakery.
Bake apple in microwave or toaster oven, or poach it on stovetop.
Elizabeth T. March 10, 2021
I haven't had biscotti in forever, thanks!
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