When having cereal, is it wrong to pour the milk into the bowl first before the cereal? Why?

Hi all! I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. Which camp do you belong in—milk before cereal, or cereal before milk? We'll be tackling this contentious topic in an episode of an upcoming Food52 podcast!

  • Posted by: Jun
  • March 24, 2021


MMH March 31, 2021
I think this is a little low brow for a cooking web site.
MMH March 31, 2021
I didnt mean for this to sound rude but I am selective about what I choose to look at online and this is exactly why I choose not to look at social media and why I choose to look at this website not expecting to find this sort of trivia.
Jun April 5, 2021
Not to worry, no offence taken! I'm sorry about this, and just wanted to say that I fully acknowledge your frustration. The general feeling echoed throughout the comments here has been really helpful for me to reframe my approach in picking the episode topics too. I'll be more mindful with my future questions. Nonetheless, thank you for engaging with it!
Miss_Karen March 25, 2021
SERIOUSLY?! Are you just bored? I agree there are LOTS of other podcast topics you could query.
Jun March 28, 2021
Thanks so much for sharing your perspective Karen. I totally get you. The podcast is still very much in the testing and planning phase, and I thought to balance the more serious, cooking-heavy topics with this light-hearted episode. I'll keep working on finding out which topics people engage with and can benefit from the most, and so your comment is real helpful. I really appreciate it!
Wendy March 25, 2021
This comes down to good old common sense. If you pour cereal into a bowl of milk, it will splash.
I agree with Nancy, this is a trivial matter in these turbulent times, your podcast time may be better spent on another topic...
Jun March 28, 2021
Thanks for your response Wendy! You brought up a good point. I do want the podcast to provide good culinary knowledge to the community, but I also thought it would be nice to balance the heavier topics with a light-hearted episode, just to bring some food-related joy to people in these pandemic-riddled times. But your concerns are completely valid, and I'll be more cognizant with future episode topics. Thanks again Wendy!
Grace L. March 25, 2021
I think you have to pour the cereal first to know how much milk you need! the other way just seems wrong
Nancy March 25, 2021
Jun, are you sure this post wasn't intended for April 1?
Or is it deeply contentious, like British positions on whether bewed tea or milk goes in the cup first?
Jun March 28, 2021
Hi Nancy, thanks so much for your response to this. The podcast is still in its planning stage, and I'm experimenting with balancing the more serious, cooking-heavy topics with this light-hearted episode. But I get your concerns completely. We want the podcast to serve the community first—whether it's through providing cooking insights, or just bringing some levity and joy—so this comment is really helpful for clarifying our vision for the podcast. Much appreciated, Nancy!
Nancy March 29, 2021
Jun - after seeing your responses, I understand what you want to achieve. Maybe there will be an audience for this sort of question if you indicate when you first ask that it is part of a light-hearted series...maybe give it a separate name...and also a separate name for the serious food question podcasts.
Jun March 31, 2021
Mmhmm that's a good suggestion. Thanks again for the feedback, and for taking the time to read and reply to my questions on the Hotline!
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