Do people still cook in milk much?

Seeing the thread about the Jamie Oliver recipe got me thinking about cooking in milk. I am in my 60's and growing up we had several favorite recipes that where cooked in milk. Lima beans in milk( not creamed) was a standard summer item and I loved the salty/sweet crust that formed on a ham steak baked in milk. Just wondering if others are cooking in milk or grew up with other cooked in milk items.



rt21 October 27, 2015
When I was growing up smoked haddock and salmon were both poached in milk.... Had forgotten about these ....
ktr October 27, 2015
Growing up my dad would cook cabbage in milk; he called it creamed cabbage but it was definitely not creamed. My parents would also cook diced potatoes and peas in milk. I have never made either but I may now that you've reminded me of them. Thanks!
Also, I wonder if people used to cook in milk more because they lived on farms and milk was always available. Kind of like how my grandma told me they used to add extra eggs to recipes to use up all the eggs they had around.
C S. October 27, 2015
When we would get sick as children my mom would poach an egg in milk, and then pour it over a piece of buttered toast - so it was soft and soothing meal. I am just turning 60 but remember that with nostalgia.
Susan W. October 27, 2015
No, but with my love of chicken in milk, I think I will investigate this. I am looking forward to trying Marcella Hazan's pork roast in milk.
caninechef October 28, 2015
I highly recommend a thick ham steak, covered with a mix of dry mustard and sugar, milk added until it just almost covers meat, then baked. I see recipes that use brown sugar but we always just used white sugar and Coleman's mustard.
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