Stir fry sauce is to spicy hot.

My sauce is way to spicy 🌶 hot! Is there any way to tame it down? I like spicy!! But it is way over powering.



Emily K. March 29, 2021
Hi there! I'm guessing we're too late to help save this particular sauce, but our go-to trick for fixing something that's too spicy is to add more fat (like butter, olive oil, or heavy cream) or more sweetener (like sugar, honey, or maple syrup). Hope this helps for the future—and that you were able to fix and enjoy this sauce!
Butterflys5 March 30, 2021
Thank You for your response! Actually it isn’t to late! I put it in my fridge so I can now try one of your ideas!!! Thank You again!!! 🦋
Emily K. March 30, 2021
Oh perfect—hope it winds up delicious!
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