This recipe seems to have the wrong weights listed.

When making this recipe should I use the cup measurements or the weight(gram) measurements? Because they don’t match, 1/2c sugar is not 66gr and 1 2/3c milk is not 360gr.

Yeasted Puff Pastry
Recipe question for: Yeasted Puff Pastry


Erin J. April 5, 2021
Hi there! Thanks for pointing this out! There were a couple small typos in the grams - all ingredients should have the correct listings for both weight and volume now. Thanks so much, and Happy Baking!
Nancy April 4, 2021
While waiting for author or test kitchen to reply, see another recipe for this dish for ingredient proportions. For ex, yeast puff pastry at
Nancy April 4, 2021
here's the link
ChelseaTemple April 4, 2021
If i wanted someone else’s recipe I’d be on someone else’s page. How does this answer my question? This reply is worthless.
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