Are you supposed to reduce the raspberry cream?

When I took the tart out this morning after refrigerating over night, there was ‘juice’ coming out from the pan and it had pooled where it was sitting in my fridge. I thought maybe between not reducing and the possible condensation from the ‘chill, and another layer’ cycle (not letting the cream and ganache cool enough) that that’s how I ended up with a soggy - but delicious tart!

  • Posted by: LizzyB
  • April 4, 2021


AntoniaJames June 20, 2021
Fruit sauces, especially those involving berries, tend to release a lot of liquid, long after they are made, even when reduced.

I'm not sure what can be done to prevent that, other than let the filling sit at least overnight in the first instance, before putting it in the tart crust. I would also wait until the very last minute to assemble it - and then pour off any excess liquid before filling the tart shell with it.

With the raspberry cream already chilled, you probably don't need to chill it in the fridge for an entire hour before serving.
LizzyB June 21, 2021
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