Looking for nice Quinoa Salad recommendations

Hi all, looking for a basic but flavorful quinoa salad where the grains are cooked and then added to a simple dressing. Nothing with exotic or out-of -the-ordinary ingredients. Simple add-ins are fine. Trying to appeal to someone with a very limited range of likes. Thanks in advance!! Gammy

  • Posted by: Gammy
  • April 17, 2021


Food52-Community April 19, 2021
Hi Gammy! LOVE Wendy and Nancy's suggestions for nice quinoa salads, and will add that this one is really great: https://food52.com/recipes/18012-quinoa-salad-with-hazelnuts-apple-and-dried-cranberries It pulls from pantry staples and can be easily adjusted to suit someone's preferences, too.
Gammy April 19, 2021
Thank you F52 Community! That recipe is a great one and believe it or not, I actually made it and commented on it years ago. Why didn't I save it... who knows? I love the way ingredients can be added or left out to taste.
Food52-Community April 20, 2021
Oh wow! So glad you liked it, Gammy!
Wendy April 18, 2021

Hi Gammy,
I am sorry, I never write down my recipes, but hope this is helpful.
My family’s favourite quinoa salad is Mediterranean flavoured, so a basic Greek salad dressing would work. To move it farther east just add chopped fresh mint to the salad. They also enjoy an Asian inspired quinoa salad I do with snow peas, carrots, peppers, baby bok choy, tofu, etc... I just swap out wine vinegar for rice vinegar, swap out garlic for minced ginger, add a little low sodium soy or tamari sauce, add a tsp or two of sesame oil with grape seed oil.
Gammy April 18, 2021
Thanks Wendy, I love Greek salad and the dressing is basic enough I think it would definitely work and the add-ins could be 'most anything!
Nancy April 17, 2021
Why not build one, customized to the preferences of the person with a short list of like?
Work with these preferred elements:
• Salad format (e.g., green chef's, composed, chopped)...includes proportions of key ingredients
• Dressing
• Produce (vegetables and optional fruits)
• Protein (grilled fish, roasted or deli meat, cooked legumes)
• Starch proportion (ok, quinoa is not a starch but holds that place in the salad).
You may need to go through a couple versions, but that could be fun.
Gammy April 18, 2021
Thanks Nancy for the great ideas! This is exactly what I had in mind, and I can put together those elements that will be favored and work with the rest of the dish. What I REALLY need is a recipe (or ingredient list) for just the dressing that someone has already made and loves in their personal "recipe box". I have had some knock-out quinoa salads in the past, just too long ago to remember what exactly it was I loved about them. I can use a simple vinaigrette, but think there was something else in those dressings and would rather not have to experiment with this dish.
Nancy April 18, 2021
Gammy - glad you like the "build your own" idea. On the dressing, the one I use most often for quinoa salad is like a tabbouleh dressing...vinaigrette with fresh garlic see cookiesandkate website for details.
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