Anti-gravity grains: how can I prevent quinoa from sinking to the bottom of my salad?

Looking for a magic trick, folks. I've concocted a DELICIOUS lunch salad - think kale, quinoa, cherry tomatoes, pickled red onion, parmesan, and pita chips, all topped with a creamy Caesar/pesto dressing and finished with a bit of sriracha - but no matter how I mix it, I always end up with a bunch of dressing-drenched grains at the bottom of the bowl. Has anyone tackled this problem before, or am I the only one bothered by these lost comrades?

Sarah O
  • Posted by: Sarah O
  • February 8, 2018


Exbruxelles February 9, 2018
There's no way to keep the grains and dressing from going to the bottom of the bowl. Gravity works. Toss the salad in a bowl, serve on a plate or platter.

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AntoniaJames February 8, 2018
Toss the quinoa separately with a bit of dressing and herbs in its own bowl. Dress and plate the salads without it; sprinkle the quinoa on top. This works well with garlic / herb / cheese toasted bread crumbs and croutons, too - though you'd only drizzle the tiniest bit of dressing on those, if at all. ;o)

P.S. No, you're not the only one. I find the extra 1 - 2 minutes it takes to plate a salad thoughtfully --arranging the star ingredients and taking any special properties into account -- is well worth the effort. For example, when red beets are included, they are always lightly dressed and carefully placed, one by one, on the plated salad right before serving. I don't care for the magenta dressing everywhere and pink vegetables that otherwise ensues.
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