When it comes to composting, what's your best advice?

Whether you've been composting for years or are relatively new to the game, what advice would you share with someone who wants to start composting? We shared a handy guide right here: https://food52.com/blog..., and we'd love to hear from you!

Emily Kochman


HalfPint April 27, 2021
My 2 cents:
-Cut your kitchen scraps as small as possible.
-Crush up egg shells
-Use a small glass/ceramic bowl to collect compost scraps as you cook and dump at the end of the cooking.
-Add used coffee grinds, rinse out coffee brewer, and dump that water into the compost pile. Ditto for collecting rice rinses and adding to compost to keep it from drying out.
Emily K. April 30, 2021
Thank you so much, HalfPint!
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