How to buy natural wine when you're new to natural wine

When it comes to shopping for wine, knowing what you like can play a big part. So, what about someone who's new to natural wine? What can they do to make sure they walk out of their local shop with a bottle they love? Share your best advice below!

Emily Kochman


Nancy April 21, 2021
When things open up after pandemic, go to a wine tasting of selected natural wines to discover if you like them at all, before investing in bottles. Or a good wine bar that carries them. If you don't like, pause. If you like, continue.
As usual, find a local store you like that has a good selection and knowledgeable sales people. Ask and take their advice.
If no local store, and your locale permits wine deliveries across state lines or borders, order from a winery or good wine merchant.
Emily K. April 22, 2021
Thanks so much for sharing this thoughtful advice, Nancy!
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