A bunch of Parmesan rinds — recipe for inne

I know we are at the end of soup season but I was hoping someone might have a recipe for dummies that could use up the Parmesan rinds I’ve been holding?



Happygoin April 25, 2021
I’m going to agree with Nancy. I always have stash of Parmesan rinds in a freezer bag. They’ll easily keep until Fall.

If you really want to use them up, I might make a Parmesan broth, plain, or flavored with anything from mushrooms to lemon. Use it in risotto.
Nancy April 25, 2021
Other ideas:
Freeze the rinds (good for months). Then use as and when you need.
Add to tomato sauce for extra depth of flavor.
702551 April 25, 2021
I usually combine Parmesan cheese rinds with corn cobs to make a Parmesan-infused corn stock which I use when I make polenta. I find that Parmesan cheese and corn flavors work well together.
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