It is OK, or even desirable, to grate Parmesan rinds?

I have a few rinds of Parmesan in my freezer and am wondering if it's OK, or even desirable to grate them? If not, is there any use I can make of them?

Diana B
  • Posted by: Diana B
  • August 12, 2012


Simplyaok August 16, 2012
LOL Sam... When I read your response regarding the Vitamix I laughed so hard! I too am an owner of the big metal machine that can turn a steak into a smoothie in 10 seconds. I used it for years and actually loved it for various purposes but it's time was up. Not broken but I moved on. The ideas above for using rinds were great. I have no idea why somewone would want to grind them?
Linn August 16, 2012
If any one knows a way to grate Parmesan rinds, please let me and Sam1148 know how.
Diana B. August 13, 2012
Thank you for the wonderful ideas (and the warning about trying to grind them!). And I have to try toasting them, as Nozlee suggests!
Nozlee S. August 13, 2012
I haven't tried this, but this recipe for TOASTING parmesan rinds looks amazing:

(Otherwise, simmer them in soups.)
Reiney August 13, 2012
It's OK (as in, edible) but the above suggestions are probably more effective use. I chuck them in the freezer for use when I'm making stew, bolognese, or polenta.
Quinciferous August 13, 2012
I sometimes toss a rind into a pasta sauce as it simmers, too. They add wonderful complexity to sauces and stocks.
Sam1148 August 12, 2012
I had a old VITAMIX. The big stainless steel kind I inherited from my Sister, with a motor that would dim the lights in the house.
There was a VCR tape with it that showed it turning blocks of wood into saw dust.

So, I thought "Hey, I'll turn these rinds into dust!!" ..It broke the blades.
Kfifer72 August 12, 2012

You can take them and put them in a pot with cold water and make a "stock" with them. It isn't the most pleasant smelling but it makes a wonderful base to cook white beans in.

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cookbookchick August 12, 2012
Don't grate them, no. But add one or two to a pot of soup. I save them just for that purpose. They add wonderful flavor.
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