Help-I think I may have ruined my chicken dish...

I added a jar of 100% non-pareil capers (Packed in water, vinegar and salt). I rinsed them for a good minute in a strainer-moving them around to make sure I got all sides. I added them to a butter/bit of oil, shallot mixture after frying skinless, boneless chicken thighs. Apparently- the mixture was way too hot and the capers still had a high acidic content because I put the chicken back in and then added cream and immediately it began to curdle. I thought that if I stirred it more the clumpy consistency would disappear and I did remove it from the heat but it still looks like sour milk. I haven’t tasted it and immediately took the chicken out (just in case I could save it) because I have an iron stomach and can eat anything but the only way my husband will be able to get past the “look” is if I get feedback that it is OK to eat. Help!

Christine Vichi


Nancy April 28, 2021
Christine Vichi - sounds like to did everything right (see link 1 from the great Shirley Corriher; maybe try her cornstarch tip next time) and yes, it's safe to eat (see link 2).
Nancy April 28, 2021
Should read: sounds like you did everything right...
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