Trying to find recipe for no knead bread. All searches cominh up zilch. How can I refine the search.


seabirdskitchen April 17, 2011
I didn't find the cook's illustrated recipe to be much of an improvement. I found the original to be fantastic. I like to make my breads with just flour, yeast, water salt. I didn't like the beer in the C I version.
AntoniaJames April 16, 2011
Here's a bread recently posted on food52 that's baked in a Dutch oven and not kneaded: It appears similar to the recipe made popular by Jim Lahey.
FunkyLady April 16, 2011
Check out this recipe...
plevee April 16, 2011
There is also an 'improved' recipe from Cooks' Illustrated detailed on which also has several variations on the recipe and several videos about making the breads.
Merrill S. April 16, 2011
Are you trying to find it on food52? We may not have one yet. Here's the iconic recipe from Jim Lahey:
sarah K. April 16, 2011
Search "Jim Lahey's no knead bread" and you should get this:
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