Oven is not working- I have a batch of bread dough sitting in my fridge!

So about a week ago, I decided to whip up a batch of No Knead Sandwich bread and the PLAN was to bake it the day after I made the dough, but turns out my oven is not working! How long can I keep the dough until it's not usable anymore? We are supposed to be getting a new oven but honestly don't have any idea when. https://food52.com/recipes...



Mary A. May 20, 2016
You could make pizza frites you fry the bread dough in the pan. It good with cheese on top or just sugar
NYNCtg May 20, 2016
I second the slow cooker option. I've had good results with that but the top comes out not browned so I usually put it under the broiler. I have frozen no kneed bread with good results. I usually make pizza with the frozen dough. but I've gotten it to raise enough to make rolls or even a loaf. not a mile high sandwich loaf but a respectable loaf.
702551 May 20, 2016
Personally, I'd try baking it outdoors in my gas grill. Turn the burner on one side of the grill and heat to the desired temperature then bake the bread on the side of the grill where the burner is turned off so you're getting indirect heat.

This would be much more difficult to do in a charcoal-fired grill since temperature control is much more challenging but an experienced griller might be able to manage.

I assume borrowing a friend's oven for a couple of hours is out of the question since you don't mention it at all.

If you do freeze it, it would be prudent if you bake it with the assumption that it will fail (that is, don't count on it to work). If it does fail, you'll be out an hour of your time. Bread dough is made from some of the cheapest ingredients in your kitchen, so there's little damage to your wallet. It's not like losing a $70 prime rib after all.

Anyhow, good luck.
AntoniaJames May 20, 2016
Also, make pizza on the grill. Just get it hot for the initial "spring" and finish on a not as hot place. There probably are more detailed accounts of what / how to do this here on Food52. ;o) (I'm grilling flatbread this evening from dough that's in the fridge right now, in fact . . . )
Jimmy H. May 20, 2016
You can freeze the dough. Grocery stores have built an industry on frozen dough that is proofed and baked in store. You could also make it into flat breads that you can cook on a griddle or grill, like pita. Another option, in a large pot, add all of the ingredients for a fruit cobbler or pie and slowly bring it to a simmer, drop in chunks of the dough and simmer for a few minutes stirring every so often. Delicious with vanilla ice cream.
HalfPint May 20, 2016
If you have a slow cooker, you can bake the bread in it. Here's how: http://www.thekitchn.com/how-to-make-bread-in-the-slow-cooker-192421

It's not perfect bread. It won't have that lovely golden crust (you'll have to toast the bread if you can). The crust will be soft, but some people like that. And it might not rise as much as it would if you had the oven (i.e. no oven-spring). But in a pinch, your bread will be made and will taste good.

I have no experience freezing the dough, especially no-knead bread dough. My gut tells me that it probably won't work. There isn't enough yeast used and it might not survive the freezing process. I've seen a lot of bread doughs that can be frozen and they have almost double the amount of yeast to compensate of some of the yeast dying in the freezer. But that's just my theory. Try the slow cooker, but don't leave the bread in there for too long or it becomes a gummy mess from all the condensation (I speak from personal experience).
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