Looking for an object to help steam my oven

Im looking for something to help steam my oven for bread making. something like a high-heat-retention pan with a large surface area, or some other kind of steam injection method for a regular oven.

Im not sure an object designed for this purpose exists. One thing I found while googling was someone had put a bunch of large screws in a metal cake pan, and geated that up in the oven.

I might try something like that, but im wondering if theres a more elegant solution.



Nancy May 14, 2021
There is a low-tech solutions which works pretty well.
Put a ceramic or glass container filled with water in the oven when you are heating it to baking temperature. Put it on a different rack from the one(s) used for the bread loaves (so it's not disturbed when baking). Leave it in while the bread bakes. If needed, add more water during the baking (if a lot has evaporated).
Maybe not as forceful as you want, but this DOES work.
Evelynn May 15, 2021
Yeah, obviously i use water and a notmal pan right now, I am just looking for a solution that generates more steam than that does.

From my experience, by the way, its best to boil the water outside of the oven, and add the water to an already-heated pan right after you have loaded the bread in, since the goal is to maximize the initial steam.

This is why i am looking for a high surface area pan that is made for transferring heat and resisting water damage--i.e. a tailor made solution for generating steam during the initial oven spring.
Nancy May 16, 2021
OK, you already use that method already (with your own procedures that work well).
Don't know of any objects that go INTO an oven and provide steam.
But yes ovens that have steam function. Both countertop and full-size ovens. Maybe for next time you need to replace one.
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