Do you think I can put the roasting pan that came with my toaster oven on the stovetop to thicken a sauce?

Prepping in my mind for the birthday dinner I'm cooking tonight and wondering if any of y'all have ever done that??
I have the cuisanart combo steam toaster oven - this pan is sturdier that your average toaster oven pan, but not at all as sturdy as most roasting pans we buy...



Stephanie April 30, 2014
Followed all y'alls advise.. thank you!
Sometimes I like to try to stretch.. but - hindsight? This one was probably downright silly of a notion..
Declan April 29, 2014
You obviously are planning to use the residue for a sauce. So, bring some liquid, stock, wine or whatever other liquid you're using, to heat and carefully add this to the pan. Then, when you're happy your residue has been incorporated, make your sauce elsewhere, incorporating the pan goodies
Declan April 29, 2014
Definitely not, if you ever want to use it again. Those pans are as close to cooking in foil as you can get.
ChefJune April 29, 2014
Odds are that pan is not as sturdy as a pan you'd put on the stove. I wouldn't chance it.
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