Freezing Fresh Pasta? Gummy and not separating.

I've had 2 disastrous experiencing freezing fresh pasta. I froze it in air tight sealed bag. Second time I sprinkled it generously with semolina flour. It has defrosted into a gummy large ball. What am I doing wrong? Thanks



702551 May 23, 2021
I cook my frozen fresh pasta when it is still frozen rather than thawing it out first. It goes directly from the freezer into the pot of boiling water and gets a good stir.
bamcnamara May 23, 2021
Thanks ....I tried that last time and it didn't work.
702551 May 23, 2021
I usually dry out my noodles for an hour or so before I portion them out for freezing and make sure the individual strands are separated. Often I make little nests, put those on a cookie sheet and freeze overnight, then put the frozen nests in an airtight container.

For sure if you freeze a sticky, gummy wad, it will defrost as a sticky, gummy wad. It's not going to magically separate itself later.

Best of luck.
bamcnamara May 23, 2021
Yup...I think that's exactly the problem! Thank you!!!!
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