Do you need a specific type of flour for fresh pasta?

  • Posted by: Danee
  • May 25, 2015


CanadaDan May 26, 2015
I would add that if you use 00 flour, expect to use less liquid. I use AP flour and do 1 cup flour, 1.5 eggs and 0.5 tbsp olive oil per person. When i use 00 flour instead, i decrease the egg and olive oil count.
Nancy May 26, 2015
agree with all the answers thus far. also have made pasta with whole wheat flour. as with breadmaking, it's harder (both ways, texture and technique) if you use all ww. thus start with a part (1/4, 1/3 or 1/2 of the whole flour requirement) using whole wheat, get a feel for the dough, see how you like the results.
Susan W. May 25, 2015
AP is a good start for someone new to making pasta. After you get the process down, have fun with other flours.
PieceOfLayerCake May 25, 2015
"Need"? No. I've gotten away with a few different flours with varying but satisfying results. I feel like any choice is going to taste better than store-bought. I like to play around with alternative flours in general, and I've enjoyed using ¾ all-purpose by weight and cutting it with ¼ buckwheat flour. Play around, and you'll generally be pleased with the results.
Liza's K. May 25, 2015
It depends on what kind of pasta you would like to make. Some people use regular all-purpose flour and it works fine, and other people like myself prefer a 00 semolina flour. I like it because it adds a little extra texture to the pasta. What type of pasta are you looking to make? Perhaps I can be a little more specific when I know what you're looking to do with the pasta.
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