Drying homemade pasta into nests

Hello all, My sister lives in Florida and I wanted to send her my fresh pasta as a gift. My pasta dough is made up of flour and eggs, how would I be able to dry the pasta in the shape of a nest the same way they sell them at the supermarket? My fear is that it will gloop together. I do have a drying rack but the pasta would be too fragile to package that way. I want it to be packaged the same as the picture I have attached. Thanks so much!!

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Nancy April 12, 2020
Picture didn't come through.
I think the shipping would be difficult, but if you're determined, try packing the nests first in foil cupcake pans and then in a sturdy box.
As for drying, coil the freshly made noodles in nests, sprinkle with cornstarch or potato starch, air dry for several days, then pack.
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