I recently froze a large block of feta cheese, and fresh mozzarella balls. Both packages were unopened, I want to cook with them tonight?



jollygreenani April 8, 2011
For all those wondering....The cheese worked out smashingly.
Particularly the mozzarella. It melted and tasted wonderfully in the quesadillas, the only discrepancy would probably be the texture of the feta. It didn't have that nice sticky crumbliness, but rather just fell apart, but it worked well in the recipe regardless.
Thanks for the feedback, again!
jollygreenani April 6, 2011
So sorry, that link is old. Anyway, it's from the LA Times top 10 recipes from 2010, and it's the Quesadillas stuffed with greens and feta recipe.
There are also another "winner" recipe listed on there that I've tried and recommend:
(1) Momofuku's Crack Pie
(2) *hope* to try the gruyere and walnut bread (and not freeze the gruyere this round!)
jollygreenani April 6, 2011
Oo, that sounds good, thanks for the tip!
I got the cheese originally for this recipe from LA Times:

jenmmcd April 6, 2011
I love the Roasted Feta with Thyme Honey recipe from Amanda on this site (and listed above). It couldn't be easier. But be careful; the second time I made it, it did catch on fire a bit. :-) And I don't have thyme honey, but it still works great.
Panfusine April 6, 2011
I'm curious about the feta... I've used frozen & thawed mozzarella before, but it went straight into a lasagna, so I have to sheepishly admit, never gave a second thought about the texture..
jollygreenani April 6, 2011
Thanks for the replies! I was going out of town, and I didn't just want to throw them away. I'm curious myself, and will keep you all updated when I cook with them!
ChefJune April 6, 2011
I'll be interested in what you think of the texture of each after the freeze. I would not have considered freezing either item.
Panfusine April 6, 2011
move them to the refrigerator to thaw, you can leave them out an hour before you actually cook with them.
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