Can you do elements ahead of time?

Would you be able to do the zucchini in vinegar ahead of time? Maybe in the morning, and then toss in the pasta for dinner?



EmilyC June 14, 2021
Hi there -- Yes, you can do the zucchini step ahead of time! I don't think you'll need to hold back on the vinegar -- concia and other marinated zucchini recipes I've tried (like this one: hold up well when done in advance (even when using larger quantities of vinegar relative to zucchini) -- and I don't think this would be even different. Just return the zucchini to room temperature before using. Hope you enjoy the dish!!
Nancy June 14, 2021
Another way to speed preparation at dinner time is to prepare everything in advance. Chop, measure, seal in bowls or plastic boxes, set up the pasta water pot.
Just before eating, cook the pasta and saute the zucchini mixture at the same time, combine and serve.
Some would also cook and drain the pasta in advance, then heat it up in the frying pan with the sauce.
702551 June 13, 2021
Just looking at this it appears that the zucchini could be cooked in advance although I'd back off on the vinegar quantity and perhaps drain the results so the zucchini aren't swimming in acid for hours.

I'd probably set aside the drained off liquid just in case I wanted to add more acidity right as the dish was being assembled.

Like so many dishes of this type, the call will be yours and what you think will please the guests sitting at your dinner table. It is generally quite easy to add more acidity to a dish at the last moment but pretty much impossible to neutralize excessive acidity.

I tend to lean on the side of caution when introducing acid to a dish.

But that's just me...
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