Ideas for storing larger amounts of salt?

Salt pigs look great for small amounts of salt...but how does one best store a larger amount? Like, my 3-lb box of Diamond Kosher salt? I've read that storing it in the cardboard box is not a good idea.

  • Posted by: Naomi
  • June 29, 2021


Medora V. August 31, 2021
I use OXO POP containers for virtually everything in the pantry, salt included. They are airtight, and, what's more, they are square so as to make the best use of limited space.
Kim S. August 29, 2021
I use mason jars for dry goods storage (they're a consistent set of sizes, so it's easy to plan pantry storage). They're airtight, so they help reduce the salt caking during the humid summer months, as long as you don't open them too frequently. I suppose if you did expose them to humid air for an extended period of time, you could "dry out" the salt by putting in the fridge or freezer for a day or two with the lid off; that's a very drying environment.
Gammy June 29, 2021
I store my 3 pound box of Diamond Crystal salt in the box and slide it into a 2 gallon zippered freezer bag and hide it in my pantry. I know..... not beautiful, but it works.
Naomi July 13, 2021
Thank you! I called my grandmother (father's mother) Gammy, made me smile to see it here.
AntoniaJames June 29, 2021
I use a wide mouth quart Mason jar. I always know how much salt is left, and the tightly lidded jar keeps the salt nice and dry. It's quite beautiful, in its own way - it's a vintage special-edition bicentennial Mason jar from 1976, with a Liberty Bell on it (!), one of very favorite storage containers of all time.

I use a wide mouth 8 ounce Mason jar for everyday, as it fits nicely on one of the double-decker bamboo lazy Susans in the cupboard nearest the counters and island and stove, where I use salt most frequently. I take it down when cooking and baking, to reduce the clutter on those counters.

I've noticed, by the way, that the straight-sided 8-ounce wide-mouth Mason jars are hard to find these days . . . . even at Tractor Supply Company and Jax Ranch and Home, which typically have massive supplies of every type of jar one could possibly need. ;o)
Nancy June 29, 2021
Similar. But I need both a quart Mason jar and a large airtight container (about 5-6 cups) to store contents of 3-lb box of salt.
Gammy June 29, 2021
I used to have a couple dozen of those 1976 Bicentennial Mason jars when we were first married. They were randomly added by Ball to the boxes of regular jars... 1 or 2 in a box.
Naomi July 13, 2021
I love Mason jars! Will keep my eye out now that thrift stores and tag sales are opening up again.
Naomi July 13, 2021
Thank you!
Emma L. June 29, 2021
I empty some into a salt cellar (very into this one: Then I pour the rest into airtight quart containers leftover from takeout.
Naomi July 13, 2021

Thank you!
mbdietz94 August 30, 2021
A question. Is leaving the salt exposed like that good?
AntoniaJames August 30, 2021
If it's not humid in the place where the salt is stored, and if the air quality is good, it should be fine. Open salt pigs don't expose that much of the salt, and if you're using it on a regular basis, it will all be replaced within a fairly short period of time, anyway. ;o)
mbdietz94 August 30, 2021
Thank you.
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