Request for a Substitute for Ras el Haout

Any suggestions for a substitute for the ras el hanout? Cannot find it on my island in Puget Sound.

  • Posted by: Travis
  • July 1, 2021


MMH July 1, 2021
You can also order it from Amazon.
Lori T. July 1, 2021
Although the exact combo of spices varies on the city or region, it's just a mix of spices and most you would have on the shelf or could probably source locally. I suggest you might start with the recipe from Epicurious-
If you do a websearch you will no doubt find other recipe versions, possibly even one from a more "authentic" source in Morocco, perhaps.
Nancy July 1, 2021
It's very similar to subcontinent (India Pakistan Bangladesh) blends.
So use a curry or masala spice blend.
Or a mixture of what you have on hand...some sweetish (cinnamon nutmeg ginger cardamom), some savory (cumin turmeric pepper).
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