Charging an iSi siphon when adjusting a recipe

If I am halving the amount of liquid in a recipe that asks for 2 charges of nitrous in an iSi siphon, should I adjust to a single charge?

  • Posted by: GSaye
  • July 18, 2021


AntoniaJames July 19, 2021
What liquid are you using, and how much of it would be half the recipe? Thanks. ;o)
GSaye July 19, 2021
It is a Parmesan mousse that I want to foam. The original recipe called for 1 pint with 2 charges of nitrous. I am making 1/2 pint. I just wondered that if you scale a recipe for an iSi siphon up or down, does the amount of nitrous need to be adjusted. I am assuming it does since, say half the volume of liquid would require half the amount of gas to achieve the same consistency.
AntoniaJames July 19, 2021
Yes, that should work in this case, as it is a fairly simple application - but I don't have enough experience with this method to be able to promise you that in all cases (using any liquid ingredient), that half a recipe would always require half the number of cartridges.

By the way, please do report back on how it turns out! ;o)
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