I am starting keto and need a little help. Are the milk solids remaining at bottom of pan while extraction of ghee from cream keto. Actually I have c

We have a farm right next door. So we buy whole full fat milk for the kids and skim off the cream. So in a few days we have a lot of cream.
This is my method for making ghee/clarified Butter :
Heat the cream in a non stick pan on medium/low heat. Stir it after every few minutes to prevent burning. After some time u will see brown solids and a yellowish liquid[ghee] separating. The brown solids settle at the bottom of the pan. U can just pour the liquid out. It. Solidifies as it cools.
I was just wondering if the brown solids are keto friendly? 🤔🤔🤔

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1 Comment

drbabs July 21, 2021
The brown solids are milk proteins. I’m pretty sure heavy cream is keto friendly (It’s very low in sugar.), so the milk solids should be as well.
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