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Any help for a pyrex pan with baked on grease?

I've already tried oven cleaner on it and while that took some off, a lot remains. Not to mention the fact that the grease now smells of oven cleaner. Any ideas besides tossing it? Thanks!!

asked by TiggyBee almost 6 years ago
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added almost 6 years ago

You could trip placing several papertowels in the dish, and then pour just enough ammonia to soak them. Then tie the whole mess in a plastic bag and allow it to sit overnight in a location where the fumes can be wafted away. Open bag carefully after 24 hours, the grease should be softened enough to removed.

Another product I have used that is less sticky is De-solves-it Contractor Strength. It's an orange oil product that works really well. But it's harder to find. Have to go to a hardware store. It may take several applications.

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added almost 6 years ago

I have alway had great success with a pre-soaped steel wool on pyrex and corning dishes that grease has been baked onto. I first scrub a little getting some grease off and the soap on the pan, then let it set and return in 15-20 minutes. The grease comes off with more scrubbing rather easily.

When you used the oven cleaner, did you heat the pan? It works better that way and perhaps a second go 'round with the oven cleaner while heating the pan will do the trick. This worked great for me for a steel pan that was used to fry a turkey, the outside was one huge burnt on grease mess! Applying heat made all the difference.

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added almost 6 years ago

Congratulations! You've made. . .plastic! For real--that's what oil of any kind (canola, margarine, petroleum) turns into when it's heated.

I do what cazcancook does. I also use a paring knife to scrape off any residue stuck to the seams.

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added almost 6 years ago

Many thanks for the great advice! I really appreciate it! I'll let you know how it goes..

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added almost 6 years ago

I have had good results just soaking overnight in baking soda water.