Uses for coconut flour?

I love coconut and couldn't resist buying the flour. Now what do I do with it? Thanks in advance for responding.

  • Posted by: SKK
  • April 18, 2011


sarah K. June 4, 2011
I made waffles this morning with coconut flour (and no grain flour) and they were pretty tasty.

1/4 cup coconut flour
4 eggs
1 tbsp coconut milk
1 tbsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp nutmeg
1/4 tsp baking soda
1 T maple syrup

I have cast iron waffle irons that you heat over a flame, and usually have problems with sticking, but these waffles didn't stick at all, and my kids really loved them.
SKK June 3, 2011
Thank you all for the advice. Used it tonight to bake chicken breasts - first coconut flour, then egg, then panko and parmesan. It is amazing, crisp and with that coconut flavor, divine. Thank you Syronai for the idea.

Anita, thank you for your advice. If I were a baker I would go for it.

Still think there are ways to use coconut flour that haven't been revealed yet.

So much to learn.
Anitalectric April 19, 2011
I primarily use it to help thicken buttercream frosting. That way, you don't have to add as much confectioner's sugar. To me, frosting with confectioner's sugar alone is overly sweet. I also like the taste and aroma the coconut flour adds. It reminds me of ice cream cones :)

You can even use it to make a raw vegan frosting by blending with young coconut meat, vanilla and agave or dates.

My other favorite use is in coconut macaroons.
SKK April 18, 2011
Thank you, Syronai. Excellent advice.

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beyondcelery April 18, 2011
Add it to baked goods in small quantities (1/4 cup or less) for some additional fiber and flavor. Something to keep in mind is that coconut flour absorbs moisture at a phenomenal rate, so using even a small amount in baking usually means you'll need to increase your liquid slightly. It depends on the recipe, so add it first, take a look at the consistency, and add more liquid as seems needed.

You can also use coconut flour as a base for breads (it's great for gluten-free baking). For this, you'll want to do some research. This site's recipes are pretty standard:
When coconut flour is used as the main flour in a bread, you MUST increase the number of eggs in the recipe (usually double) or it won't turn out right at all. When I make muffins from coconut flour and potato flour, I use 3 eggs in the recipe for 12 muffins. Coconut flour will make your baked goods more dense and the bread isn't like a "normal" bread, but it's delicious in its own way.

You can also use it in breading; because it's good at absorbing moisture, using coconut flour for dredging meat before dipping in egg and batter works quite well. Good luck! It's a really fun flour, but it does take some practice to use well, so don't get discouraged if a first try ends up rather wonky.
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