Cheese substitute /alternatives?

Wondering what you’d recommend as a substitute to the cheese you described. Would a cream cheese do the trick or would suggest doctoring it up a bit (sorry I’ve no idea what a triple cream cheese is (or st. Stephen’s) or if it’s sweet or savory) thanks looks great!



Denise February 21, 2024
I would think Boursin would be good.
Nancy August 3, 2021
Other alternatives....mascarpone, or a soft rich cheese with a spoon or two of added heavy cream or butter.
Melina H. August 3, 2021
You could use cream cheese, but it won't have the luscious texture that a triple cream imparts. Triple creams are an especially buttery cheese, essentially - like a really good brie. Here's more info: Try a double or triple cream brie (ask at your grocery) and it should work deliciously. :)
AntoniaJames August 3, 2021
You certainly could use cream cheese - and I'd do as you suggest, doctoring it up a bit, perhaps with a touch of fresh thyme, finely chopped, along with some chives. You could also use a spread like Boursin, if that's readily available, with or without herbs, chives, etc. Either will give you a different flavor profile from the triple-creme cheese, which is like a Camembert with a very high fat content. The rind of a triple-creme or Camembert will give it a much stronger flavor than a cream cheese, which tends to be quite mild, and not very, well, cheesy. If you can't get triple creme, you could use Camembert. ;o)
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