Can I substitute a drier chevre for cream cheese in a savory pie crust?



cheese1227 September 30, 2010
Thank you all for preventing me from wasting some very good chevre!
TiggyBee September 30, 2010
I tried it not too long ago -d-i-s-a-s-t-e-r-!! I sometimes wonder what I was thinking!! I did however, then try it with greek yogurt and that did work nicely. I was looking for a bit of tartness to the crust, hence my unfortunate goat cheese attempt!
SallyCan September 30, 2010
Kayb may be right about the fat content, so you could add an extra tablespoon or two of butter/fat, especially if the only fat is coming from the cheese. You might try blending a tablespoon or two of heavy cream into the room temp chevre until it is more the consistency of cream cheese as well :)
Kayb September 30, 2010 off the top reaction would be no. I think the cream cheese probably acts as some of the fat in the pie crust, and while chevre may have as much fat, its moisture content is different. It just doesn't FEEL like it would work. That said, if you try it, please report!
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