Baking advice without leavening agents or real sugars or

Need guidance for when baking cookies, bread's or such without a leavening agent or white or brown real sugar?
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1 Comment

drbabs August 8, 2021
Shortbread cookies don’t usually have leavening, but do, of course, contain sugar. You could start with a recipe like this one, and substitute coconut sugar or crystallized monk fruit for the sweetener. Some people are starting to use allulose as a sugar substitute in baked goods, but keep in mind that it’s not as sweet as sugar, so taste as you go. (There are no eggs in shortbread.)

While you can make bread without sugar, you would need to make yeasted bread because you do want something to make the bread rise. You can try this super easy user friendly baguette recipe to start.

Good luck.
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